Professor Debabrata Das

Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Areas of Interest:

Biohydrogen production; Microbial Fuel Cell; Algal biorefinery; Biohythane Process


Biochemical Engineering

Consultancy Areas:

Development of fermentation processes; Bioenergy generation processes


Sector Associated With:


Sectors Interested to Offer Service:

Industry (Private), R&D Organizations

Major Professional Contributions:

Dr. Debabrata Das pursued his doctoral studies from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. He is a Senior Professor at IIT Kharagpur. He was also associated as MNRE Renewable Energy Chair Professor. He has pioneered the promising R&D of Bioenergy production processes by applying fermentation technology. He is actively involved in the research of hydrogen biotechnology for a period of last sixteen years. His commendable contributions towards development of a commercially competitive and environmentally benign bioprocess began with the isolation and characterization of high-yielding bacterial strain Klebsiella pneumoniae IIT-BT 08 (previously known as Enterobacter cloacae IIT-BT 08) which as of today is known to be the highest producer of hydrogen by fermentation. He has also established thermophilic hydrogen production process for the utilization of the higher temperature industrial wastes like distillery effluent. His recent work on biohythane process for the maximization of gaseous energy recovery from the organic wastes is worth mentioning. Prof. Das is also involved in CO2 sequestration, biohydrogen, biodiesel, phycobillin protein etc. production from microalgae research work. The major aim of the research work on MFC was to synchronize the bioremediation of wastewater with clean energy generation. Presently, he has the Google h-index of 37 for his research work. He has about 125 research publications in the peer reviewed journals and contributed more than 22 chapters in the books published by International publishers. He is the author of the book entitled "Biohydrogen Production: Fundamentals and Technology Advances" published by M/s. CRC Press, New York. He is the Editor of the book entitled "Algal Biorefinery: An Integrated Approach" published separately by Springer, Switzerland and Capital Publishing Company, India. He has two Indian patents. Presently, he is involved with 10 m3 pilot plant study for the commercial exploitation of bio hydrogen production process. He was awarded IAHE Akira Mitsue award 2008 and BRSI Malaviya Memmorial award 2013 for his contribution in hydrogen research. He is the Editor-in-Chief of American Journal of Biomass and Bioenergy. He is the member of the editorial board of several International Journals. He is the Fellow of INAE; IE(I); BRSI; WAST.

Professional Experience:

  • Worked as a Biochemical Engineer in M/s. Citurgia Biochemical Ltd., Surat.
  • Post Doctor in University of Utah
  • Senior Professor at IIT Kharagpur (since 1988).
  • Consultant of M/s. IFB Agro Industries Ltd., Kolkata.
  • M/s. World Hydrogen Energy, LLC, New York, USA; etc.


Biohydrogen production; Biomethane production; Wastewater treatment; Design of Bioreactor


Contact Information


Department of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Kharagpur-721302, West Bengal.
Mobile no. 09434717424

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • B. Sc. (Hons. in Chemistry).
  • B. Tech. (Food Technology & Biochemical Engineering).
  • PhD (Biochemical Engineering).

Awards and Major Professional Recognitions

  • IAHE Akira Mitsue award 2008.
  • BRSI Malaviya Memorial Award for senior faculty 2013.
  • DBT Overseas Associateship.
  • FNAE.
  • FAScT.
  • FBRS.
  • FIE.
  • MNRE Chair Professor.
  • Two patents.
  • 125 research paper publication in the peer reviewed journals.
  • 2 Books published by M/s. CRC Press, New York, USA and M/s. Springer, Switzerland, 22 chapers in books.

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INAE Section Affiliated To: Section IX: Energy Engineering

Year of Election to Fellowship: 2015

Year of Birth: 22.11.1953