Professor Galigekere Ramaswamy Nagabhushana

Professor (Retd), Indian Institute of Science , Bangalore 560012, Visiting Professor, MS Ramiah Institute of Technology & Sri Bhagavan Mahaveer Jain College of Engineering, Both Bangalorealore

Areas of Interest:

High Voltage Engineering , Overvoltage Protection (against Lightning & Switching Over-voltages ), Surge Arresters, Electrical Insulation Engineering.


Protection against Lightning of - Aircrafts,Electrical Power Apparatus & Transmission systems, Tall Buildings, Satellite Launch Vehicles,Sensitive Electronics etc; Design of High Voltage Laboratories including Grounding &Shielding to enable sensitive measurements such as Partial Discharges & Radio Interference Voltages, Design of Special Purpose High Voltage Eqpt

Consultancy Areas:

As under "Specialisation".


Sector Associated With:


Sectors Interested to Offer Service:

Major Professional Contributions:

Guided successfully 19PhDs (2more under Progress) & 5 MScs (Research),More than 120 Papers in Int Journals & Conferences'
Successfully carried out several Projects from UGC,DRDO, BARC etc;
Funded by Aeronautical Dev Agency: Designed, got built, commissioned a Comprehensive LIGHTNING TEST FACILITY (LTF) comprising - 4 Million volts Impulse voltage generator, 4 Current Generators (200,000Amps, 100,000Amps, 5000 Amps,200Amps ) to generate WORSE THAN THE WORST REAL-LIFE LIGHTNING.Advised on Lightning-protection schemes for susceptible components of the Prestigeous LIGHT COMBAT AIRCRAFT(LCA) ,successfully evaluated them by subjecting to appropriate Lightning discharges at LTF.An EXPLOSIVE ATMOSPHERE TEST FACILITY has been built
wherin Fuel-carrying components of LCA are filled with highly ignitable vapours &
subjected to appropriate Lightning Discharges. For the FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD A FULL HALF WING HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY LTF. Based on these LCA has been declared Lightning-worthy.
Designed Lightning Protection Schemes for the two Satellite Launch Pads at Sriharikota.They have proved successful in avoiding Lightning strokes to the Launch Vehicles (with Satellites).
Successfully designed several High Voltage labs the largest being the Lab of Crompton Greaves capable of testing 1200 kV System apparatus to International Standards.Compares very favourably with the best in the World.
Designed & assisted in building a Nanosecond rise-time, 800 kV Pulse Generator for LRDE.Designed a Less-than a Nano-second rise-time 300kV Generator for BARC.
Guided development of two vegetable seed oils for use in Power Transformers as well as High frequency high High voltage transformers.Patents have been applied for them..

Professional Experience:

  • Technical Assistant , Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor,Professor,
  • Chairman -Dept of High Voltage Engg (1989-1996, 1998-2004)
  • AICTE Emeritus Fellow (2004-06)
  • Presently-Visiting Professor-MS Ramiah Institute of Tecchnology & Sri Bhagavan Mahaveer Jain College of Engg.


High Voltage Labs,Grounding & Shielding ,Lightning Protection,Surge arresters,.


Contact Information


Apt C-108, Sai Sunshine Apartments, Nyanappana Halli,(near Arekere Sai Baba Mandir)Bangalore 560076,
BTM 4 Stage,

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • BSc (1960)-Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.,Univ of Mysore,Central college Bangalore
  • BE (Electrical Technology), 1963,Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore 560012
  • ME (Electrical-High Voltage Engineering),1965,Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore-560012
  • PhD (Electrical-High Voltage Eng),1972, "DC High Voltage Break-down across Solid Dielectrics in Vacuum", Dept of High Voltage Engg,Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore -560012


Awards and Major Professional Recognitions

  • NRDC Award (1976 ? ),
    Life Member- Society of EMC Engineers,Life Member - Instrumentation Society of India,
  • Member-Eta Kappa Nu (USA),
  • Past Member -IEEE
  • DRDO Award for Academic Excellence
  • Fellow, Indian National Academy of Engineering

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INAE Section Affiliated V: Electrical Engineering

Year of Election to Fellowship: 1997

Year of Birth: 1942