Dr Jonnalagadda Raghava Rao

Chief Scientist, Central Leather Research Institute

Areas of Interest:

Cleaner Leather processing, Ecobenign leather chemicals, Solid waste management, Tannery waste water treatment, Biobased leather processing, Waterless tanning.


Leather Science & Technology, Environmental Chemistry, Solid waste management, Wastewater Treatment

Consultancy Areas:

Leather processing, Tannery wastewater treatment, Tannery solid waste management .


Sector Associated With:


Sectors Interested to Offer Service:

Major Professional Contributions:

* Clean and green leather processing

* Chrome management methodologies

* Bio processing for leather

* Waterless leather processing

* Utilisation of tannery solid waste

* Recovery of value added products from tannery wastewater.

Professional Experience:

  • Senior Scientist 1998 to 2002
  • Principle Scientist 2002 to 2006
  • Senior principle Scientist 2006 to 2011
  • Chief Scientist 2011 to till date.


Leather, cleaner processing, Tannery waste, bioprocess, waterless tanning, recovery, chromium, green process.

Contact Information


Office: Chemical laboratory
Central Leather Research Institute
Adyar, Chennai 600020
Telephone: 044-2441163
Tel (home): 044 22353609
Fax: 044 24912150

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • B.Tech (Leather Technology) 1980-1984
  • M.Tech (Leather Technology) 1985-1987
  • PhD (Leather technology) 1987-1991


Awards and Major Professional Recognitions

  • Elected as Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC)
  • Elected as Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering (FNAE)
  • Elected as Fellow of Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences (FAPAS)
  • Honorary Professor of Anna University and AcSIR
  • Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Purashkar 2006 for Environmental Protection, MoEF, Government of India, New Delhi
  • NRDC Meritorious Invention Award 2007 from National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), New Delhi
  • Tamil Nadu Scientist Award 2007 from Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology, GoTN
  • Biotech Product & Process Development & Commercialization Award – 2005 from Department of Biotechnology (DBT), GoI
  • Burhani Foundation – NEERI- Award 2001 for Innovation in Environmentally Sound Technology, Burhani Foundation, Nagpur
  • WIPO certificate of Merit 2008 from World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and NRDC, New Delhi
  • J Sinha Roy Memorial Award for the best article published in JILTA, Foundation Day Celebrations of ILTA, Kolkata
  • Merit Award for the CSIR Leadership Development Program for middle to senior level leaders, CSIR, 2008.
  • Environmental Award 2003 for the Best Research Paper in Environmental Science & Technology from DoE, Government of Tamil Nadu
  • AISHTMA Platinum Jubilee National Award 1995 for Ecological Sustainability of Indian Leather Industry from AISHTMA, Chennai
  • Hari Om Ashram Prerit Shri. S.S. Bhatnagar Research Award for the Prevention of Water Pollution – 1991, CSMCRI, Bhavnagar

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INAE Section Affiliated IV: Chemical Engineering

Year of Election to Fellowship: 2011

Year of Birth: 30 August 1961