Mr Raja Ram Singh Yadav

Advisor, Nuclear Business (Former- Distinguished Scientist & Director, RPG, BARC, Mumbai), Walchandnagar Industries, Pune

Areas of Interest:

Structural mechanics, Materials.


Design and development of Nuclear Reactor equipment

Consultancy Areas:



Sector Associated With:


Sectors Interested to Offer Service:

Educational / Academic institutions, Industry (Private), Industry (PSUs), R&D Organizations, Government (including funding agencies)

Major Professional Contributions:

Mr. RS Yadav's areas of specialization include the design of high pressure/ temperature equipment, stress analysis, fracture analysis, safety analysis, dynamic analysis, fabrication technology, NDE, testing, material development and project management. Mr RS Yadav has been involved with the development of compact reactor system based on 'Light Water Reactor' technology for a strategic project of a national importance. LWR technology is developed for the first time in country. He has also designed, developed and delivered a number of equipment like the reactor pressure vessels (RPV), two phase heat exchangers, volume compensators, etc. for the compact reactor system..

Professional Experience:

  • Head LWRD, BARC- Jan 2003
  • Outstanding Scientist/ BARC- 2004
  • Distinguished Scientist/BARC – 2009
  • Group Director, RPG/BARC- Feb 2012- Nov 2014


Structural mechanics, Nuclear equipment, Light water Reactor.


Contact Information


Plot 48, Sector 16
Kopar Khairane,
Navi Mumbai – 400 709
Mobile: 09869040199/8411884798

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • B.E (Mech), Mechanical Engineering, 1975, University of Roorkee(now IIT Roorkee)
  • BARC Training School, 1975 batch- Nuclear Engineering
  • M.E (Mech), Mechanical Engineering, 1982, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


Awards and Major Professional Recognitions

  • VASVIK AWARD -2004 for Mechanical Engineering
  • Honorary Diploma in "Material Science" by Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • Outstanding service Award- Indian nuclear Society
  • DAE special contribution Award
  • DAE Group achievement Award- 9 times

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INAE Section Affiliated IX: Energy Engineering

Year of Election to Fellowship: 2008

Year of Birth: 1952