Dr Sawaran Jit Chopra

Chancellor, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun

Areas of Interest:

Research & Development, Academic Administration, Academic Audit, Syllabi preparation/updation, identifying new offerings based upon industry feedback/requirements..


Chemical Engineering

Consultancy Areas:

Academic Administration, Oil & Gas, Bio-fuels, Solar, etc. .


Sector Associated With:


Sectors Interested to Offer Service:

Educational / Academic institutions

Major Professional Contributions:

Contribution to Oil & Gas Sector
Developed a novel type of Mechanically Agitated Extraction Column providing Separate Mixing and Coalescing Zones to enhance efficiency.
Kerosene Treatment Technology Developed and Commercialized at BRPL
Involved in developing appropriate module for Training and Professional Up gradation of existing manpower in the petroleum sector.
Developed Sulpholane Technology for Extraction of BTX Aromatics. This was commercialized at BPCL and CRL.
Developed Propane Deasphalting Technology including the Super-critical extraction technology
Development of indigenous version of Structured Packings
Developed Solvent Extraction Technology for Extraction of lube fraction using N-Methyl Pyrolidone as solvent.
(This has been commercialized with 400,000 TPA capacity plant)
Thermodynamic Model for Weak Electrolyte Systems and its application to Sour Water Stripper.
Studies on Pressure Swing Absorption and creation of PSA Pilot Plant facilities.
Development of Process Design Methodologies for Claus Sulpher Recovery Unit using free energy Minimization Technologies
Development of Liquid Redox Process (CATSOL) for H2S removal from Acid gas containing low H2S
Development of Catalytic Liquid Sulphur Degassing Process – CATDEGAS
Development of Dry Bed Process for H2S removal from Acid Gas
Instrumental in developing the idea of Cooperative Research and Development Activities in the Petroleum Sector
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies UPES
Member of the Core-team for day to day management of the University
Directly involved in Academic Administration, Academic Audit, Syllabi preparation/updation, identifying new offerings based upon industry feedback/requirements.
Propagation & upholding of culture & values
Responsible for positioning of UPES

Professional Experience:

      Important Positions Held:

  • Shift In-charge at GRASIM, NAGDA (MP) - 1962-65
  • Production Superintendent at Amsar Pvt. Ltd.,
  • Indore, (M.P) - 1965-66
  • Senior Research Fellow at IIT Delhi - 1966-70
  • Various Positions held at Engineers India Ltd., (EIL) - 1970-01
    1. General Manager – R&D - 1992-97
    2. Executive Director (Technical) - 1997-01
    3. Chairman & Managing Director - 2000-01
  • Executive Director - Centre for High Technology - 2001-03
    (A Society under MOP&NG)
  • Director Academics (Indian School of Petroleum) - 2003 onwards
  • Chancellor – University of Petroleum & Energy Studies
    (UPES), Dehradun, - 2003 - till date
  • Vice Chancellor - University of Technology &
    Management (UTM), Shillong - 2010 - till date


Oil & Gas, Academia, R&D etc..


Contact Information


University of Petroleum & Energy Studies,
Energy Acres, P.O. Bidholi, Via Prem Nagar
Dehradun – 248 007 Uttarkahand
Cell- 9810442045

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Ph.D in Chemical Engineering


Awards and Major Professional Recognitions

  • Distinguished Alumni Award - Delhi College of Engineering (2004)
  • NRDC Independence Award (1986)
  • Two CSIR Technology Awards (1998 & 1999).
  • CSIR Process Technology Shield Award (2000)
  • R&D Innovation Award of the Department of Petrochemicals, Govt. of India (1988-89)
  • Petro-tech "Life Time Achievement Award - 2012

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INAE Section Affiliated IV: Chemical Engineering

Year of Election to Fellowship: 23.09.2005

Year of Birth: 29.04.1941