Dr. V. Nagarajan

Chairman & Managing Director, Andromedia Commuications Pvt. Ltd.

Areas of Interest:

Software Defined Networks (SDN), Software Defined Radio (SDR), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Optical Fibres and Communication systems, Telecom Networks, Optical Packet Switching Architectures, Network Design and Management, Radio over Fibre


Fibre Optic Technology / Software Development, Telecom Network Design, Telecom Equipment Manufacturing, Fibre Optic Network Construction / Management, SDN/SDR Test beds-Skillset developments

Consultancy Areas:

Business Development/Strategies, Executive Development/Training, Academic programmes with specialized labs/Test beds.

Sector Associated With:


Sectors Interested to Offer Service:

Educational / Academic institutions, Industry (Private), R&D Organizations, Government (including funding agencies), Entrepreneurs, Consultancy Firms, Private Agencies

Major Professional Contributions:

Technology / Software Development:

  • Digital - Analog / Fibre Optic Systems (Ericsson), Sweden, ITI Bangalore.
  • NMS –Web based (SSI Technologies, Chennai).

Network Design:

  • Access, WILL/Backbone Network Design (BPL TELECOM).


  • Digital and Fibre Optic Communication Systems (ITI, Bangalore, Ericsson, Sweden, Optel).


  • Fibre Networks and Manufacturing.

Network Construction/Management:

  • Analog Coaxial network (ITI, Bangalore).
  • 140Mb Coaxial network(Ericsson, Sweden).
  • Fibre system (PDH) Fault management and 565 Mb/s Fibre Project Chicago-Dallas for US Sprint-Ericsson systems.

Business Development/Strategies:

Fibre/Cable/CATV/LAN products’ business-strategies:

  • Furukawa-Electric Japan, Ericsson Communications, Corning India, Srinar Electronics, BPL Telecom, Transmode Sweden.


Executive Development/Training:

    • Customized Telecom/Fibre Optic Programmes for Industries & Corporates.
    • Managers placement (Oman Fibre Optic, BPL, BSES Telecom, Ericsson).

Industry-Institute Interaction:

    • Teaching – IIT- Delhi/Chennai, PSGCT, SSNCE, VIT,SRM etc.
    • Distinguished Visiting Professor- under AICTE scheme.

Professional Experience:

  • Chairman & Managing Director, Andromedia Communications Pvt. Ltd. (Pune).
  • Managing Director & CEO, Optel Telecommunications Ltd. (Bhopal).
  • Project/System Manager, Ericsson Telephone AB (Sweden).
  • Deputy Chief Engineer, Indian Telephone Industries, Bangalore.
  • Lecturer, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.


Fibre Optics, Specialty Optical Fibres, Fibre Amplifiers, Telecom Networks, Optical Packet switching architectures, Packet and Circuit Switching, Network Design, SDN/SDR, Telecom Network Management, Optical Communication systems, Fibre Optic Technology / Software Development, Telecom Network Design, Telecom Equipment Manufacturing, Fibre Optic Network Construction / Management


Contact Information


Dr. V. Nagarajan FNAE,
Chairman & Managing Director,
Andromedia Communications Pvt. Ltd.
S 148/4 Someshwar Apartments,
Vishwakarma Nagar, Pashan,
Pune 411 021
Phone: 020 588 6767; Fax-5888868
Project Office: 53(O)/46(N) 3rd Main Road,
Kasturba Nagar, Adayar,
Chennai 600 020
Phone: 044 24402503
Mob: 98 401 15499

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • PhD (Elec) Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi , 1972-‘73.
  • ME (Elec), Bengal Engineering College , Howrah, Calcutta Univ., 1967 (Gold medal).
  • Certificate of proficiency in German Language- BE College, Calcutta.
  • BE (Elec) PSG, College of Technology, Coimbatore, Madras Univ., 1965 (Distinction).


Awards and Major Professional Recognitions

  • UNDP Tokeen Expert/ ITU expert in India for fibre-optic programs of Institutes, Industries and QA wing of DOT.
  • Awarded Industrial Excellence (1991).
  • Rashtriya Udyog (1993).
  • CEOT Gold Medal - IETE (1996).
  • Member of National Research Council, Standing Committees of Academic Institutions, Special Committees on Photonics of DOE, DOT.

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INAE Section Affiliated To: Section VI: Electronics and Communication Engineering

Year of Election to Fellowship: 1994 Council 95 - 96

Year of Birth: 1944